Scandal pour Homme Eau de Toilette Jean Paul Gaultier


Who does he think he is in that crown and velvet robe? Scandal Pour Homme isn’t backward in coming forward! With its casual air and charismatic notes, this fragrance likes to be noticed. It's hardly going to apologise for giving pleasure. It’ll take advantage of it. Playful and flirtatious, Scandal Pour Homme always knows where the night begins, if never where it ends!


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The new SCANDAL POUR HOMME by Jean Paul Gaultier

With muscled elegance and boxing gloves on, the new SCANDAL POUR HOMME by Jean Paul Gaultier hits hard with an energising and addictive eau de toilette. Crowned with victories, this king of the ring seduces his fans with virility contrasted by a sensual woody oriental fragrance in a knockout refillable bottle. Let the show begin! 



To embody the collection of Male fragrances, Jean Paul Gaultier brought a whole bunch of sailors on board. Among the stunningly sexy crew, there’s something for everyone! Ultra Male the tough guy, the timeless Le Male himself, the adventurous In the Navy, On Board the seducer, the charming Le Beau, and of course, the captain: Le Male Le Parfum. Irresistible players, their mooning can generate a flood of admirers. Clearly, these Males are yet to finish making waves!