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For 50 years, audacity, freedom and joie de vivre have been at the heart of Gaultier's values. Creation provides limitless opportunities for expression, where the the multidimensional nature of Gaultier’s aesthetics stands out. Creation is synonymous with commitment for Jean Paul Gaultier, a channel for his convictions, positions and views of society. In both fashion and fragrances, for JPG, there is no creation possible without a message, disruption or controversy.




The enfant terrible has always played with the boundaries between masculine and feminine. Gaultier creates unique fragrances, with compelling olfactory attributes and daring blends of masculine and feminine scents. From lavender and vanilla for Male, to pear for Ultra Male and brown caramel for Scandal pour Homme. JPG breaks all the rules and celebrates the alchemy of genres. Unisex, revolutionary fragrances for all, just like Gaultier². In 2005, Jean-Paul Gaultier declared, "The sensuality of skin is universal," and this was not fantasy.

As for the recognizable bottles, they represent colorful characters: the tattooed sailor of ‘Le Male' and the mythical woman of ‘Classique’, the seductive, virile man of ‘Le Beau’ and the tempting, sultry woman of ‘La Belle’, the bad boy boxer of ‘Scandal pour Homme’ and the sassy, assertive woman of ‘Scandal’. 

Gaultier's signature fragrances feature healthy doses of both humor and provocation. 
The sole guiding principle: create inclusive and revolutionary fragrances.


Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances are truly expressive. These creations are symbolic of JPG's commitment to LGBTQIA+ causes, local communities and both mainstream and underground artistic circles. From the outset, JPG has been at the vanguard of promoting diversity and gender equality. JPG's virile women and objectified males challenge stereotypes and conventions.

Men in skirts, powerful women in corsets, everyone in Breton stripes... All represented under JPG's colorful and militant artistic prism. Creation as a universal rallying cry, a bridge between arts and cultures, uniting all sensibilities and communities.
Pioneering Jean Paul Gaultier brought queer imagination and aesthetics into his designs early on, helping to normalize certain representations.

His commitment is reflected in limited-edition ‘PRIDE’ fragrances. Every year, ‘Classique’ and ‘Le Male’ fragrance bottles are decked out in Pride colors, asserting the freedom to be. This militant commitment to diversity is reflected in ongoing support for grassroots associations such as COGAM, The Center, ARC, Le Refuge, IPP LGBT+ and many others.


Jean-Paul Gaultier celebrates all identities and flouts rules and norms, appropriating, transforming and reinventing them. The basis of JPG’s universe: the beauty in difference. The House’s fragrances are iconoclastic, unconventional creations, aimed at a world that is diverse, colorful, vibrant and dynamic. JPG challenges the notion of gender, orientation, aesthetics and age. Genders and cultures are mixed like a leitmotif, the fundamental grammar of Gaultier's vocabulary. From the outset, Jean Paul Gaultier has shown appreciation for atypical beauties and unusual bodies. The designer features drag queens, transgender people, buxom bodies and unconventional beauties. All bodies, all genders are welcome... In keeping with his image, his first ad was militant and assertive: "Unconventional designer seeks atypical models. Unique faces welcome."

Greatly influenced by tattoo parlors body art performance artists, the designer turns to cultures where body modifications are rituals in their own right. So, tattoos and piercings are identifiable markers of Gaultier's DNA, present in collections and many prints.

"I like and admire anyone who is different. I love that Good taste is boring. Eccentricity is chic. Good taste is paralyzing But I find punk or street fashion or a body covered in tattoos interesting, and I love it. ” Jean-Paul Gaultier.


There are many kinds of beauty, and you find it where you least expect it. It's beautiful just being yourself.”.


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