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It’s an enduring love story.


Gaultier Divine muse

Tell me Jean Paul, who is the fairest of them all?

Since 1976, Jean Paul Gaultier has been using humour to break taboos and further the cause of women's liberation. And he always gives the same the response — just be yourself! What a fabulous liberating message! And the proof is in his imaginary changing room where all beauties are welcome. And everyone makes an appearance, from goody-goodies to cheeky Parisians. Bad girls, rebellious bohos and tomboys. Baby dolls and queens of the night. What a glorious melting pot of femininity! What a celebration of womanhood! Jean Paul simply adores women From every angle and under every light, from the street to the stars, from the limelight to the silver screen. He loves them all. Curvaceous or willowy. Blond, brunette or auburn. Women of the world. Or not. The wild child who shook up the fashion world embraces differences! By turning his back on traditional standards of beauty. By showcasing all that is quirky, unique and full of character. In Jean Paul’s world “look pretty and keep quiet” does not exist. So there! Finally, let’s pay tribute to the women who first inspired this fashion prodigy. A big thank you to his beloved grandmother, Marie, for her beauty salon, her frills and flounces, her corsets and her basques. And to the dancers of the Folies Bergère… Ooh la la! Who made his eyes pop out of his head as he watched them on TV! Thanks to all these amazing women, the little Jean Paul discovered a whole new world that made him want to live in a permanent show — where all the stars were women!

Elegance is about attitude, not clothes”



Jean Paul has only ever made one promise: to reveal to the world the natural power of women and to free them forever from — "What will people say!” What a beautiful ode to freedom. As he says: "As long as your spirit is strong, you can show off your body” — immediately encouraging acceptance of individuality and diversity, however quirky. For over 50 years, Jean Paul Gaultier has been repeating this ode to the freedom of being yourself. He loves to surround himself with strong, assertive women who adore clothes and perfume — but who never allow themselves to be boxed in! Long live the anything-but-Classique women, long live self-confident women who proclaim their freedom loud and proud, and long live women who celebrate their shape and never apologise for it. Long live mischievous, naughty women who aren’t afraid to buck conventions and upset the established order. And women who revel in the scandal they leave in their wake. Long live beautiful women with a devilish, almost savage sensuality who confidently and playfully employ their charms. Finally, long live the all-powerful, perfectly imperfect women who attract and mesmerise with their radiance and absolute confidence in who they are. Jean Paul Gaultier celebrates all divinely human women. And from fashion to perfumes, he offers them precious gifts to showcase their uniqueness.

Imaan Hammam in the Scandal Le Parfum campaign



“when the breasts pierce the jacket, it's power and sensuality combined”




Jean Paul Gaultier spends his time picking and unpicking norms and conventions. Only to reinvent everything with his incredible unbridled creativity. And its women who reap the benefits! With Gaultier, women can be the woman they want to be! A Hollywood bombshell in a sequinned gown. A tomboy in a tutu and biker’s jacket. An African princess in a zebra print coat. A macho chick and true rebel. From chic to informal, or classic to quirky — what could be more fun! One of the highlights of his work is, of course, his famous corset. His greatest ever reinterpretation. His most iconic creation. His obsession. But how does Jean Paul perform this magic trick? By transforming an object of submission into a powerful manifesto of ultra femininity and, in the process, freeing women from society’s shackles. And suffocating expectations! Remember Madonna as a domineering Amazonian with her couture bustier with its conical breasts jutting out of a man’s suit jacket? He’s also performed magic with the Classique bottle and its voluptuous curves by creating a corseted siren who lures a beautiful sailor into her net. But always with plenty of humour and love.

In Jean Paul’s world “look pretty and keep quiet” does not exist. 


A cool look spotted in the street, another discovered at a chic party. Who invented the character model? The king of street casting. And this was back in 1976! Since then, he’s introduced us to an amazingly diverse group of women! So many eclectic, atypical, known and unknown beauties, all different but all absolutely stunning. Do you know what sort of women inspire him? Liberated, fulfilled and funny women who are not afraid to be different. And who are incredibly proud of being their authentic selves. Among this eclectic group we find his spirited and faithful friend Rossy de Palma, the very voluptuous Kim Kardashian, his long-time muse Farida Khelfa, and the burlesque artiste Dita Von Teese. Not forgetting Laetitia Casta, Beth Ditto, Conchita Wurst and Rosalia. He’s also dressed Marion Cotillard in Cannes and a host of other stars, such as Caro, Jeunet, Besson and Almodovar. And let’s not forget to celebrate the incredible creativity of Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Mylène Farmer and so many others… whether in a book, a show or a poem. Women, life and love in every shape and form!


Whether with his iconic fragrances or fashion collections, Jean Paul Gaultier adores bucking convention. Whether you are whimsical or quirky, keen to explore your dreams and desires, or provocative or inspiring, Jean Paul Gaultier has a fragrance that will help you express every facet of your unique personality.