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A world open to differences is a more inclusive and tolerant world, and one that also respects nature.

When the House of Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums makes a commitment, it adopts a free, simple and committed approach. No tricks.

From fragrance formulation, to packaging design, to the choice of raw materials, Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums is gradually adopting a more respectful approach aimed at the fair and reasonable use of products.



Since 2022, the House has opted for more natural ingredients. This means new formulas comprising 90% of ingredients of natural origin. We have set higher standards than those required by law. In fact, although the EU has already banned the use of over 1,300 ingredients in cosmetics, we have decided to go even further. Therefore,  we will no longer use certain ingredients suspected of having a negative impact on human and environmental health.



Economical and effective, refills have become ubiquitous. In 2021, Scandal pour Homme became our first fragrance with a refillable bottle. In 2023, Divine joined the range of refillable fragrances. Our eco-designed refills generate significant savings in terms of glass, plastic and much more. Lover of perfume and the environment? Impossible is not in Gaultier’s vocabulary.



JPG Parfums is reducing the impact of its packaging, with its ecodesign and a preference for cardboard recycling. Gift sets no longer contain any plastic and are made from FSC* (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard. Their size has been reduced as much as is necessary to both contain and  protect products.

Gift set packaging designs, inspired by the House's signature creations, are made using an eco-ink, containing no polluting or controversial materials. Perfume cases are made exclusively from FSC* (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard and 100% recyclable cellophane in France. This will also be the case in Europe by 2025.

Plastic packs (shower gels, sprays, balms, lotions, etc.) will eventually contain 50% recyclable plastic. These alternatives will gradually be extended to our new ranges and best sellers.



It was important to minimize the impact of each order’s packaging from the outset. For this reason, they are shipped in eco-designed FSC* (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard boxes. To avoid over-consumption of paper, documents and order forms are printed on both sides and simply bound with a paper clip. The cotton Gaultier tote bag can be reused again and again.

Beautiful and long-lasting, it will accompany you wherever you go, whatever the occasion.

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2nde life can
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Reuse, divert and reinterpret are part of Gaultier's DNA. The designer's spirit is fundamentally rooted in the art of transformation. Turning the iconic Gaultier cans into reusable, everyday objects and even one-off creations was a bold move! Repurposing Gaultier's cans and having fun in the process... that's what we set out to do. 


At Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums, we have adopted a responsible, progressive and achievable approach, in line with the actions of our parent company, Puig.


"We are committed to being one of the most respected groups in our sector regarding environmental, social and governance issues. Consequently, in 2021, we launched our new 2030 ESG Agenda , which redefines our road map for the years ahead, and includes challenging and ambitious targets regarding those three aspects. We want to continue to act as responsibly as possible and contribute to building a better world... that will be our legacy. It’s a commitment that we actively promote.”

Marc Puig, Chairman & CEO.

 The Group's 2030 ESG Agenda, aligned with major international standards,
is based on two key commitments:

  • Helping limit the increase in global temperature to 1.5°C by 2030
  • Achieve zero net emissions by 2050

This agenda is based on identifying the 5 material areas with the greatest impact on the planet, people and development (pictos).

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