eau de toilette
Le male on board

Le Male on Board, the freshness of Jean Paul Gaultier’s new sailor boy. To your stations sailor boys! Jean Paul Gaultier’s male crew casts off into the deep blue of his new limited edition Le Male on Board eau de toilette. The latest crewmate on board: his sailor with the blue translucent torso covered by the matte white stripes of a sailor's shirt. With a fragrant breeze of woody freshness in his sails, his youthful and playful spirit is already making a splash. Prepared to plot a course to the heart? Just one drop of this Gaultier eau de toilette can seduce the entire ocean.



tonka bean





Woody Fragrant

The virile freshness of a fragrant woody eau de toilette. Set sail for a contrast in seduction sailor boys: hoist high the freshness of bergamot and the vitality of geranium in this eau de toilette that casts the sweet addictiveness of Tonka bean to the four winds! Its fragrant woody wake will swamp your senses with a masculine sensuality that will carry you far from shore.

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