When you buy from the Jean Paul Gaultier online boutique, you can...


Feel unique

The chance to have your bottle engraved with a name, a personalised message or a Gaultier design. If you are naughty enough to have two lovers on the go, we'd recommend a simple 'I love you' rather than a name; much less risky!

Have plenty of choice

Fashion, accessories and perfumes all together in one online boutique. With this enormous choice, you're sure to find something to fit like a glove...Or the perfect perfume.

Treat yourself

Two free samples of your choice will be included in your parcel: will you give in to curiosity and choose something new, or go for a spray in your favourite fragrance to slip in your pocket?

Have your items delivered for free!

Standard delivery is free for all orders over 75 euros. Be careful, you can get soon get used to being pampered, so try to keep your hands off the postman. There's enough to keep you amused inside the parcel, we promise.